At Last a Gutter Protection Product

that will WORK !!!!

Just imagine – no more climbing ladders to clean your gutters!

At last, a gutter protection product that actually works!

The system that eliminates leaves, debris and twigs from your gutter system.

Leaves flow over your gutter and NOT into them.


Aluminium OR Stainless Steel


Of particular interest to those on tank water…

With our System installed, leaves, twigs and debris are filtered out instead of entering the gutters.  Debris tends to block water flow, leaving pockets of brackish water – the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos!

In the event of a bushfire….

It is comforting to know that your gutters are free of inflammable rubbish.

Technical Data
Adhesion System

This is a high density black polyether urethane foam tape coated both sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive with a high polyethylene release liner.

It is resistant to dilute acids, alkalis and ultra-violet light.




GUTTER-MESH is manufactured from high density aluminium or stainless steel.  Fully ultra-violet and tear resistant. It is suitable to all Australian conditions.


Impervious to extreme weather conditions….

The Gutter-Mesh System is constructed from 1mm square woven aluminium or stainless steel and is bonded to your guttering with space-age, all weather bonding adhesive.

Australian Made

Eliminates the risk of personal injury. Prevents the entry of birds, snakes, rats etc from your roof.


GUTTER-MESH adheres to the lip of the gutter, then back onto the top of the roof.


GUTTER-MESH fits all roof types including tiles, iron, colorbond and plastics.
15 Year Warranty

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